About Us


Who We Are

Together we build trust and create value, based on a wide range of expertise. We build trust and promote good governance among our clients, and positively impact the company's ability to create value and development.

We set high standards for the way we work. Through the quality of our deliveries, broad expertise, high integrity and honesty, we aim to be the company's preferred specialized in the accompaniment of Governments for public service such as the implementation of public finance reforms with a view to contributing effectively to improving countries revenue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany Governments in their reforms using all aspects of the digital economy and projects funding”

  • Trade Facilitation Portal
  • eTaxes Portal
  • Certifications Portals
  • eCustoms Automation


Our goal is the overall performance

The performance of our businesses is not limited to their economic and financial results. Our goal is the creation of value, by responding to the expectations of the country and the community. Our performance is a valuable contribution to the economic benefit and increased security of the country in partnership with us.

Our managerial model is the guarantor of our cohesion

Beyond the diversity of its businesses and territories intervention and his collaborators, our company is characterized by a management style that is the guarantor of its cohesion and its development team. This model is based on the decentralization of the organizations, the autonomy of operational units and the accountability of managers. The confidence enjoyed by the latter is inseparable from intangible principles of loyalty and transparency. This model favors the performance of each employee under clear rules of the company. The valuation of individual initiative goes hand in hand with the networking teams and skills, promoting cross-disciplinarily between them.

Develop participatory innovation

The culture of innovation of K-POLYGONE merges with its culture of software developers. In line with its management model, the group develops its potential for innovation by encouraging concrete initiatives of its Trade Facilitation Portal, Single Platform, e-Taxes Portals and Certifications Portals businesses and its teams as close to the ground. Encompassing not only the technological aspects, but also all the innovations that nourish the improvement process of the Group (methods, management, services, security,), this participatory approach is illustrated in prices of the innovation K-POLYGONE, which promote the involvement of all employees.

  • 1. Board Committees

    The Board has established the following committees, comprised of independent directors, to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities and to function more effectively:

    • Audit Committee
    • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
    • Regulatory and Compliance Committee
  • 2. Code of Ethics

    K-POLYGONE is built around the strong values that shape our culture and guide our actions. Each Department is organized to ensure their respect by deploying its internal control system.

    This Charter explicates these values for all our employees - but also for our former audiences. We have put in place principles of professional ethics that must, in all circumstances and in all countries, inspire our behavior. We recommend that the behavior of each employee be irreproachable, based on integrity, loyalty, respect for the dignity and individual rights of employees. These rules were reviewed and approved by the Group Executive Committee.

    Transparency and internal control

    Every employee is involved in the continuous improvement of the system of risk management and facilitates the identification and treatment of dysfunctions. Each contributes with care and diligence in investigations, reviews, and internal audits as part of the control.

    Transactions and operations that are performed by the group are recorded in a sincere and faithful way accounts of every company, in accordance with the regulations in force and internal procedures. All employees performing accounting records demonstrated accuracy and honesty and ensures the existence of documentation on each entry.

    Act responsible employer

    K-POLYGONE. privileges as often as possible the creation of sustainable jobs. His ambition is to promote the professional development of its employees by offering a personalized training and project by offering development opportunities that enhance their skills, and their energy to undertake. The forward-looking management of jobs and skills (GPEC) accompanies this responsible approach by anticipating the evolution of trades and cargoes shipping rules and by identifying the needs in staff and knowledge in short and medium term for any software upgrading in our ECTN system.

  • 3. Corporate Governance Guidelines

    Respect for people

    The K-POLYGONE applies a policy of human resources fair and consistent with the laws. It is forbidden such discrimination based on a prohibited ground such as sex, age, morals, belonging to a race, an ethnic group or nationality, handicaps, the opinions or religious, political or trade union commitments. Any pressure, prosecution, or persecution to moral or sexual, or more generally contrary to law is prohibited. Each respect laws related to respect for the privacy of employees, particularly those that govern computer files.

    The rule of law

    K-POLYGONE companies and their employees must respect the laws and regulations applicable in all countries where they operate. Each employee must refrain from any behavior that can lead others, his company or K-POLYGONE group in a wrongful or unfair practice and dragged himself. In this regard, the K-POLYGONE, no performance targets can be defined, imposed, accepted, or paid any form whatsoever if its realization means to derogate from these rules. The following provisions are not intended to present in detail all the legal obligations that may receive application, but to draw attention to certain risks requiring special vigilance.

    Prevention of conflicts of interest

    Each employee of K-POLYGONE is held to a duty of loyalty to the group. It shall accordingly not exercise directly or indirectly to activity or to disregard comments that would place him in a situation of conflict of interest with the group.

    An employee, or director or partner must abstain from hold an interest in a company, whether customer, supplier, or competitor of the group, if this investment is likely to influence his behavior in the exercise of its functions within the group.

    No employee may accept a mission, or a work proposed by a supplier, a customer, or a competitor, which is likely to affect his performance or his judgment in the exercise of its functions in the group.

    When they are, however, faced a risk of conflict of interest, employees must, in a spirit of transparency, inform their superiors immediately and refrain from any interference in relations that the K-POLYGONE maintains with the third party concerned, if a solution is not found.

  • 4. Environmental Policy

    Deploy a policy to eco-efficiency

    The Board has adopted an Environmental Policy, is fully aware of the changes that the fight against climate change requires for its businesses. The Group digital solution include environmental added value solutions.

    Reduce the impact of the activities

    K-POLYGONE strives to achieve the highest standards of environmental conservation of natural resources, energy consumption, waste management, and biodiversity protection.